About Vision Urbana, Inc.

The Vision Urbana, Inc. mission is to help develop healthy, strong and caring families, empower youth to achieve their fullest potential, and provide excellent educational, mentoring, and family support programs that build confidence, and capacity to positively impact their future well-being, serve their community, and engage society with success.

The VU Healthy Living Initiatives

Vision Urbana created its Healthy Living Initiative in 2012 working with the Latino Commission on AIDs faith-based religious program, to meet the growing demand for prevention, access, and treatment information in our traditionally under-served Lower East Side community, to confront the shocking reality of the serious health disparities faced by our families of color and older adults. We have provided health education services, HIV and HEP-C testing, and bilingual culturally competent workshops conducted by health and mental health professionals for the Lower East Side community.

Vision Urbana’s also sponsors a Senior Digital Literacy program, which is another Initiative providing older adults with bilingual education they need to remove the inhibition and fear of operating computers and hand held devices, navigate the web, and research information online.

The Vision Urbana, Inc. History of Service

Vision Urbana was created in 1993 as an unincorporated faith-based initiative of the Primitive Christian Church-Iglesia Primitiva, a local congregation with a history of 65 years of community service in the Lower East Side.  Vision Urbana later became incorporated as an independent nonprofit in 1993 and a federally tax-exempt 501c3 in 1996. Since 1998, it has successfully provided youth mentoring, senior, immigration case management and support services, as well as healthy living and nutrition programs for LES residents.