What’s happening in the Lower East Side on Health
What are the facts? What are the resources? How can we learn more?
What can you do to keep  yourself, family and others healthy and aware…
LCA Harm Reduction Services… NARCAN – overdose reversal medication. Where to get tested for HIV and HEP C.

What’s going on…Check it out!

Health Campaign Ground Zero

Where We Work… Vision Urbana, Inc.  (VU) is located in Lower Manhattan’s Community Board #3 and serves its neediest neighborhoods with the largest number of Hispanics and people of color.  The VU target area within CB#3, is the East Village-Loisaida and the Lower East Side below Houston Street along the East River to the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge. This area holds one of the largest concentrations of public housing in New York City, and for the most part, accounts for the greatest number of neediest families, the highest rate of unemployment, the highest incidence of health disparities, and, the highest numbers of at-risk youth in CB#3.  VU target areas are within zip codes 10009, 10002, 10038.